Branding is the first step in creating a consistent, integrated marketing and sales message. Lexia Marketing takes pride in shaping the perception of your brand among current client’s, prospective client’s, and employees.

A strong brand communicates an organisations core values, and differentiates your company from competitors. It is also an important step in defining organisational culture, and attracting the best talent to your business.

While branding comes in many forms, it should always be implemented consistently throughout the marketing mix. If a company fails to define their brand, the end result is a generic product or services offering which inevitably becomes lost within an increasingly competitive market.

We strive to create branding which matches your organisational culture, industry, and target market, ensuring the end result is a corporate identity which engages, and demonstrates an understanding of the driving needs, wants, and values, of your target market.

At Lexia Marketing, we take a collaborative approach to branding and understand the best brands are defined by key stakeholders within your business, and refined by branding experts.


Branding Services Include:

Social Media

Social Media Content is The Biggest Trend In Business for a Reason


A Company Logo Communicates Your Companies Values, and Enhances Both Brand Recall, and Recognition

Graphic Design

Utilise Colour, Shape, Imagery, Typography, and Space, to Engage Current and Prospective Clients


Target Defined and Specific Segments with a Message Addressing Prospective Clients Needs and Wants

Website Design

Lexia Marketing Creates SEO Optimised Websites Designed With Sales Completion In Mind

Brand Launch and Relaunch

Branding Is The First Step In The Creation of a Consistent, Integrated Marketing, and Sales Message

Brochure Design

Quality Marketing Collateral Demonstrates Your Organisations Knowledge, Values, and Expertise

Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.


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