Brochures and Marketing Collateral

Lexia Marketing provides a complete range of graphic design, and content services to enhance the success of your company.

Brochures and Marketing collateral which are written and fit within your businesses branding and industry, improve the effectiveness of your sales process, in addition to demonstrating an organisation’s knowledge, values, legitimacy and expertise.

Often, purchasing decisions are made purely based on the quality of an organisations marketing materials. Poorly developed marketing collateral creates the perception of a business which lacks credibility, and can prevent consumers from seeing the real value of your products or services.

Lexia Marketing designs innovative brochures, flyers, advertising campaigns, emails, and business cards designed to show your clients the knowledge, expertise and values, which your company possesses.


Brochure and Marketing Collateral Services Include:

Brochure Content

Demonstrate Your Organisations Knowledge, Values, and Expertise

Brochure Graphic Design and Layout

Utilise Colour, Shape, Imagery, Typography, and Space, to Engage Current and Prospective Clients

Sales and Marketing Materials

Increase The Effectiveness of Your Sales Team


Branding Is The First Step In The Creation of a Consistent, Integrated Marketing, and Sales Message


Mass Marketing at a Low Cost Point

Business Cards

Make a Good First Impression

Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.


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