Website Design

An effective business website is a critical element of success in today’s online world. Potential consumers are able to access an enormous range of product and information, with the touch of a few keystrokes. It is imperative for businesses of all sizes from tradesmen, to multinational corporations, to embrace this market shift. While in the past simply placing an advertisement in the Yellow Pages was enough to bring customers through the door, in today’s online marketplace a compelling business website is a vital aspect of business success.

User Functionality is the Key to an Effective Website

A website should be more than just a pretty picture. It is a moving representation of your brand. Too many websites are designed to be aesthetically pleasing, yet fail to consider the importance of user functionality.
Potential customers should be able to quickly determine the products/services your business offers, how your business differs, and easily contact your organisation. Providing a quick promotional video located within a website homepage, is increasingly becoming a vital component of increasing sales conversion, through a fast and efficient transfer of information.

Components of User Functionality

Text Size: While small fonts may look visually appealing, they often hinder the ability of users to read the information contained within your website. In addition small text fonts become unreadable on mobile devices.

Text Background Colour: Text should ideally be presented against a white background, text in front of an image often reduces readability.

Easily Accessible Contact Information: Potential customers must be able to effortlessly contact your business. Ideally contact information including business addresses will be located within your websites header.

Logical Navigation: Navigation bars should be displayed in a logical and easy to follow format. Complicated or poorly structured navigation bars frustrate users. In addition a Navigation bar should scroll down with the user, to prevent the requirement to constantly scroll to the top of each page.

Mobile Responsiveness: Google Estimates that 50% of website users now access the internet through mobile devices. Mobile Responsiveness converts a website into a usable format for mobile devices including mobile phones and tablets. If your business website is not mobile responsive, you are providing a frustrating experience for a large proportion of potential customers. In addition, Google’s May algorithm update will penalise website which do not contain mobile responsiveness.


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