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Content marketing is “hot property” at the moment. As businesses grapple with market saturation, slow global growth, and rising sales competition, it is becoming increasingly important to implement “pull” strategies, which bring customers to your organisation. The above mentioned factors, in addition to changes in Google’s search engine algorithms, have created a perfect storm for the emergence of content marketing.

At the core content marketing, is exactly as it sounds, marketing in the form written text. In today’s online social media obsessed world, content refers to information freely available on the web including blogs, news articles, press releases, and white papers.

Why has Content Marketing become a core component of business profitability?

Content marketing has become a vital cog in business profitability due to the large number of marketing objective which can be achieved with just one piece of written content.

Objectives achieved through Content Marketing include:

Updated Website Content

Google algorithms favour websites which are constantly updated with new material. After all, a large proportion of websites located on the internet, are no longer operational. No matter how well optimised, or popular a website is, it will consistently drop in ranking if content is not updated at regular intervals.

Link Building

Content posted to social media sites, containing anchor text which is linked back to your website, is one of the most effective methods of improving Search Engine rankings, for your chosen keywords.

Information Without a Sales Bias

Potential clients like to buy, they don’t want to be sold to, content provides information without a sales bias, and potential clients love receiving free information.

Client Engagement

Client engagement leads to trust. The length of time, a visitor spends on your website, is also a powerful indicator of a quality site, this is an important component of Google’s Search Engine algorithms.

Social Media Acquisition

Content posted to social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Tumblr, and Google Plus, brings potential clients to your business.

Credibility and Values

Quality content enables your business to demonstrate knowledge, values, and personality, to potential clients.

Customer Retention

Customer newsletters containing useful information, enable your organisation to maintain ongoing engagement with existing clients.

It is however important to remember that written content in isolation is unlikely to provide meaningful business benefit. It is what your organisation does with your content that matters. Content should be included in newsletters, and posted to social media sites, where your target market is likely to find it. It is one thing to write content, getting the most out of that content, is the key to effective content marketing


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