In the last year we have seen a significant change in the steps required to generate a front page Google Website Ranking. The Panda and Penguin algorithm updates of 2014, saw many websites penalised for “black hat” SEO tactics, and moved to the abyss of the World-Wide-Web.

The Panda and Penguin updates, essentially reduced the value of Google’s weighting associated with off page programming, and instead focused on website usability. This change made sense, because a search user, is far more likely gain benefit from viewing a website that provides content relevant to their needs, rather than a website which has used programming, and manipulation, to trick Google’s Crawlers.

So how can your business get a front page Google ranking?

The answer is creating a website, which appeals to a real person.

Key Search engine ranking criteria includes:

1. How long on average are users staying on your website?
2. Is your Website Content relevant to keywords?
3. How fast does your website load?
4. Do you have a physical office address listed on your Website
5. Is your website constantly being updated with unique, and relevant, content?
6. Does your website have social media links

It is worth noting that all of these elements fulfil multiple business objectives including:

1. Improved Branding
2. Greater Sales Conversion through an improved customer experience
3. Higher website ranking generally equals more clicks
4. Ability to demonstrate knowledge and vales to clients.


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