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Lexia Marketing Plans

A Marketing Plan is a comprehensive document outlining your businesses marketing activities, budget, branding and positioning. It is an essential element in ensuring that marketing activities are performed, on time, and according to business requirements, while creating a consistent message throughout the entire marketing mix.

An effective marketing plan defines Marketing Activities to be undertaken over a defined period of time (Generally 6-12 months) including the required steps, and measurement criteria for each activity undertaken.

Lexia Marketing creates functional marketing plans, designed to provide your company with a clear marketing message moving forward. Our Marketing plans, are tailored to meet the requirements of each individual business. While a Marketing plan should be structured, we also believe it should be flexible enough to ensure contingencies can be made in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

A Marketing Plan Generally Consists Of:

1. Product or service positioning and pricing strategy
2. Defined Marketing objectives
3. Marketing activities for the next 12 months, including budget and expected return for each activity
4. Action planning
5. Market Segmentation
6. SWOT Analysis
7. Analysis of current situation
8. Sales Strategy
9. Objectives
10. Market Research




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