April 21st saw Google’s least secretive search engine algorithm change yet. While normally, algorithm changes are shrouded in mystery, in this case Google clearly warned of upcoming changes which would penalise websites which are not mobile responsive. April 21st was the date chosen to improve the search engine ranking of mobile responsive websites, and penalise those which fail to fulfil this criteria. Google now estimates that over 50% of website traffic now comes from mobile devices, so the new search engine algorithm changes make sense, as they reward websites which provide a user friendly internet surfing experience.

What is Mobile Responsiveness?

Mobile Responsiveness is simply the ability of a website to maintain functionality when scaled to varied screen sizes. Because mobile devices such as tablets, mobile phones, and tablets have smaller screen sizes than your typical personal computer, they require text, images, and navigation menus to adjust in size, location, and function so as to still be usable on devices with a smaller screen size.


How do I test if my website is Mobile Responsive?

The easiest way to test a website for mobile responsiveness is to resize your web browser to a smaller size. If the text, images, and navigation menu remain within the new confined contents of the screen, then your website is mobile responsive. However, if a portion of the website page or navigation becomes cut off on the left, or right hand side of the screen then your website is not mobile responsive.

Should I Invest in Making My Old dated Website Mobile Responsive?

In the vast majority of cases investing in a new more modern mobile responsive website is a better investment, than converting your old dated un-mobile responsive design. Converting an old un-mobile responsive website requires a significant amount of HTML, CSS and php coding. Creating a new more modern website is actually simpler, cheaper, and better value for money, than recoding an old dated website.


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